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Blossom (2021) 

Composer and Pianist: Shirley Ly
Violinists: Anya Birchall, Tom Leate

Violist: Wei Wei Tan

Cellist: Patrick Tapio Johnson



This album aims to capture reflections on more life experiences relating to relationships, travel, and dreams. Scores will be made available for each piece very shortly. 

  • Blossom

Springtime blossoms,
Light pink and plum shades,
Delicate and transient,
Their sweet scents pervade.

  • Midnight Swans

Swans gracefully glide across from one side to the other of a lake to find their nests to rest in at midnight. The moon glistens in the distance.

  • Falling Leaves

Wherever we go, falling leaves always return to their roots - a saying that will always resonate with me. No matter what happens, family will always be there to provide unconditional love.

  • Vagabond's Tale

Constantly wandering, never settling, finding self-happiness. Inspired by traipsing through forests and countrysides in Summer 2020.

  • Carnival of the Cats

Cats meowing and dancing into the night whilst the rest of the world sleeps.

  • Waltz in the Snow

Dancing in the powdery snow, white flakes from the dark night gently kiss the skin, the flakes glitter against the stars, swirling and twirling as the feet move across the surface.

  • Easterly Winds

The winds of the East pass through, child memories brew. Memories related to the time my grandfather spent teaching me Chinese poetry, art and calligraphy.

  • Virtually

Love transcends time and distance.​​​

  • Amsterdam

From morning to night, the canals of Amsterdam glisten magically against the backdrop of beautifully uniform, looming and narrow buildings. The heart dances with inspiration.

  • Sailing Waters

Sailing waters,
Endless ocean,
So freeing,
So limitless.

  • Whimsical Ball

A whimsical ball awaits...

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