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Impetus (2018)

Composer and Pianist: Shirley Ly
Violinists: Anya Birchall, Minsi Yang Johnson

Cellist: Patrick Tapio Johnson



This album aims to capture reflections on life experiences relating to relationships, travel, and dreams. Scores will be made available for each piece very shortly. 

  • Dawn in Berlin


The feeling of walking through the beautiful city of Berlin at dawn. Berlin is a great city and carries a lot of emotional weight - it never sleeps, it is artsy, alternative, and culturally diverse.

Swallows swoop in the sunset. Their strong, deep wingbeats are seen at a distance. A storm amounts. Clouds are thick and swallows lose their sense of direction in the darkening skies. Raindrops batter their wings. The clouds disperse and the swallows emerge slowly and cautiously to find their way back to their warm clay nests.

  • Sweet Reverie

The feeling of loss and recovery during a relationship breakdown - everything seemed like a sweet dream...

Melting snow dampens the earth beneath, sunlight becomes clearer and clouds become lighter against the bluing sky. Anticipating renewal and revitalisation of life in all forms.

  • Twilight Dance

Dancing on a starlit road where above, silver and neon stars blink. The air is crisp and the leaves in the distant woods flutter. Wishing twilight lasted forever.

  • Love Letter - Parts 1 & 2

The deep sense of longing for loved ones at home is expressed through a letter.

  • Erase from Memories

'I will try to erase you from my memories

No more tears with your name on, I'll be set free

You can take your selfish, thoughtless ways

Forget these any day

Your loss, hey...'

  • London Strive

A grey fog casts across London's cityscape - rain pattering and wind hissing. Despite this, we strive as in this city, there is full of opportunity.

  • Amber Leaves

Amber oak leaves flutter in the mellow sun. Songbirds call in the distance. Preparation for Winter begins.

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