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La La Land - fireworks to the ears!

I absolutely loved La La Land! For those of you who haven't seen La La Land, this is a retro film about a jazz pianist (Sebastian) and an actress (Mia) falling in love with each other but having to make sacrifices because of their ambitions. The film is a whirlwind of wonderful music and dance set in the city of Los Angeles, which is portrayed to be this romantic, charming city with its idyllic sunsets, iconic architecture, neon signs, peaceful streets, and towering palm trees.

The music composed by Justin Hurwitz showcases a terrific union of jazz, classical and pop, telling a story that navigates through hopeful, nostalgic, exciting and depressing moments. I could not stop listening to the soundtracks of the film over and over again after seeing it (and also trying to play some of the tunes on the piano). These are my favourite soundtracks from the movie:

1. Another Day of Sun

This is an upbeat, opening hit that fills you with great motivation to start a day. Of course, lyrics with "sun" in them brightens any mood but this hit also comes with energetic jazzy rhythms, abrupt piano chords and conspicuous horn-blowing, which is just what a morning needs.

2. Someone in the Crowd

Another motivational song sung by Mia and her three roommates (also aspiring actresses). The bass line walks up and down with the accompaniment of an upbeat high hat, slithering piano and flute passages. This is a gutsy number.

3. Mia & Sebastian's Theme

As you may know from my compositions, I do love melancholy and this theme certainly pulls a heart string. The theme begins slowly conveying a build up of passion ending with a technically impressive run.

4. City of Stars

A wonderful song with such memorable lyrics. "City of stars - are you shining just for me?" It intertwines the two themes of love and chasing ambitions perfectly.

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